Margaritaville – Classic sing-alongs

Conjure images of hot sun, golden beaches and sipping cocktails as you play along to the late Jimmy Buffett’s classic. Learn how to play the intro and strum along to the melody – with chord prompts.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Classic favourites

Check out 2 great lessons on Bob Dylan’s classic, Knocking on heaven’s Door. Play along with chord prompts in the first lesson as you learn how to strum along to the song, and learn how to enhance your accompaniment with simple licks in the second lesson.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It – Classic sing-alongs

Written by American guitarist Danny Whitten, this classic was made famous by Rod Stewart. It was released by him in 1977 and is still hugely popular worldwide. I’m using an easy finger-picking pattern to accompany the song. Have a listen –

Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal) Folk songs popular in Ireland

This is a lively song by the Donegal band with the great name, Goats don’t Shave. It was a big hit for the band in the early 1990s and continues to be very popular – not only in Donegal! Tabs for the intro and a slower tempo practice file included in Resources section.