Welcome to getcrackingguitar.com and thank you for visiting the site!

My name is Tadhg Foran. I am a retired primary school teacher from County Wexford, Ireland.

The site has its genesis in audio files I created in earlier days to assist students with their practice. I had requests to teach various songs and tunes and had the idea to create a website and upload video tutorials – hence getcrackingguitar.com.

I decided to concentrate this series of lessons on folksongs, ballads and tunes popular in Ireland. New lessons are added regularly. Many of the songs are among the great sing-alongs, and you will always be welcome at parties if you can play these! I have played these great songs and tunes on countless occasions in various sessions and sing-songs.

The lessons are based on my interpretations of these songs and tunes – if you search song books or google you will find some different chord suggestions and accompaniment style suggestions. Don’t be afraid to play around with chords and timing – if it sounds right to you it is right!

Printable lyric sheets are included for the songs – chords corresponding to the video lesson are indicated on these sheets.

Many of the lessons are suitable for beginner level, while other lessons are aimed more at intermediate level. I would recommend working at a mix of the tunes and songs lessons. Learning how to pick the individual notes to the tunes will help develop finger dexterity and accuracy of picking. The easier tunes and songs to learn are indicated by a guitar emoji 🎸in the Lessons table.

Printable tabs sheets are included for the tunes.

Beginner Lessons

If you’re relatively new to guitar – or even a complete beginner – there is a series of general guitar lessons to get you started, starting with the very basics. In these lessons you will learn how to understand chord boxes, read Tabs, practice basic strumming and finger-picking techniques, play some scales and easy tunes. These lessons are free to subscribers to Bundle 5. Click here to see a content summary of these lessons.