Breakdown – Volume 2 – 20 Beginner Lessons

LESSON 1Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues
LESSON 2007 Theme Intro
LESSON 3Major Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 4Bass Strum - Molly Malone
LESSON 512 Bar Blues Shuffle
LESSON 612 Bar Shuffle Variation
LESSON 7B minor chord
LESSON 8Introduction to Travis Picking
LESSON 9Freight Train Part 1 - simple Travis Picking arrangement
LESSON 10Freight Train Part 2
LESSON 11The Minor Scale
LESSON 12The Minor Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 13G to C chord transition
LESSON 14C to D Chord Transitions
LESSON 15Spice up you Chord Changes G, C, D
LESSON 16Playing Hammer-ons
LESSON 17Playing Pull-offs
LESSON 18Playing Slides
LESSON 19Wildwood Flower
LESSON 20Guitar Boogie