Contents – Beginner Lessons

LESSON 1The Basics
LESSON 2Reading Tabs; getting the correct sound; fingering exercise
LESSON 3Tune on 2 strings B and E
LESSON 4Reading Chord Boxes, First Chords
LESSON 5Tune on 3 strings G, B and E - Ode to Joy
LESSON 6More Chords
LESSON 7Strumming Practice - learn a popular strum pattern
LESSON 8Finding notes on the fret-board
LESSON 9Work those fingers - some fingering exercises
LESSON 10Introduction to Fingerpicking
LESSON 11The Major Scale
LESSON 12Tune using G major scale - Oh When the Saints
LESSON 13Chords Practice - (Wagon Wheel)
LESSON 14Tune in A major - Oh Susanna
LESSON 15Fingerpicking
Scarborough Fair
LESSON 16The F major Chord
LESSON 17Introduction to power chords
LESSON 18Changing Strings
LESSON 19Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues
LESSON 20007 Theme Intro
LESSON 21Major Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 22Bass Strum - Molly Malone
LESSON 2312 Bar Blues Shuffle
LESSON 2412 Bar Shuffle Variation
LESSON 25B minor chord
LESSON 26Introduction to Travis Picking
LESSON 27Freight Train Part 1 - simple Travis Picking arrangement
LESSON 28Freight Train Part 2
LESSON 29The Minor Scale
LESSON 30The Minor Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 31How to play Wildwood Flower
LESSON 32Guitar Boogie
LESSON 33G to C chord transition
LESSON 34C to D Chord Transitions
LESSON 35Spice up you Chord Changes G, C, D
LESSON 363 Famous Riffs on One String
LESSON 37Playing Hammer-ons
LESSON 38Playing Pull-offs
LESSON 39Playing Slides
LESSON 40Pink Panther theme
LESSON 41Easy 4/4 Finger-picking lesson
LESSON 42Easy 3/4 Finger-picking lesson