General Lessons – starting with the very basics!

Audio Practice Files
Additional Resources
LESSON 1The Basics
LESSON 2Reading Tabs; getting the correct sound; fingering exercise
LESSON 3Tune on 2 strings B and E

LESSON 4Reading Chord Boxes, First Chords
LESSON 5Tune on 3 strings G, B and E - Ode to Joy
LESSON 6More Chords
LESSON 7Strumming Practice - learn a popular strum pattern
LESSON 8Finding notes on the fret-board
LESSON 9Work those fingers - some fingering exercises
LESSON 10Introduction to Fingerpicking
LESSON 11The Major Scale
LESSON 12Tune using G major scale - Oh When the Saints
LESSON 13Chords Practice
(Wagon Wheel)
LESSON 14Tune in A major - Oh Susanna
LESSON 15Fingerpicking
Scarborough Fair
LESSON 16The F major Chord
LESSON 17Introduction to power chords
LESSON 18Changing Strings
LESSON 19Introduction to the 12 Bar Bluescircle tabs mini
LESSON 20007 Theme Intro
circle tabs mini
LESSON 21Major Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 22Bass Strum - Molly Malone
LESSON 2312 Bar Blues Shuffle
circle tabs mini
LESSON 2412 Bar Shuffle Variation
circle tabs mini
LESSON 25B minor chord
LESSON 26Introduction to Travis Picking
LESSON 27Freight Train Part 1 - simple Travis Picking arrangementcircle tabs mini
LESSON 28Freight Train Part 2circle tabs mini
LESSON 29The Minor Scale
LESSON 30The Minor Scale - 2 octaves
LESSON 31How to play Wildwood Flower
circle tabs mini
LESSON 32Guitar Boogie
circle tabs mini
LESSON 33G to C chord transition
LESSON 34C to D Chord Transitions
LESSON 35Spice up you Chord Changes G, C, D
LESSON 363 Famous Riffs on One Stringcircle tabs mini
LESSON 37Playing Hammer-ons
LESSON 38Playing Pull-offs
LESSON 39Playing Slides
LESSON 40Pink Panther theme
circle tabs mini
LESSON 41Easy 4/4 Finger-picking lesson
LESSON 42Easy 3/4 Finger-picking lesson