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Content Summary
blue folder 1 smallBasics, playing tunes, first chords, introduction to fingerpicking, finding notes on the fretboard,
blue folder 2 smallStrumming patterns, G major scale, fingering exercises, F major chord and more chords, introduction to power chords, how to change strings
blue folder 3 small12 Bar Blues, Bass Strum Technique, Major Scale 2 octaves, Minor Scale, Chords Theory, More Chords, Practice Tunes,
blue folder 4 smallIrish tunes/melodies 1- flat-picking
blue folder 5 smallRiffs and Intros
blue folder 6 smallGraded Lessons
blue folder 7 smallSongs popular in Ireland 1 - play along as you learn
blue folder 8 smallChristmas Songs and Tunes
blue  9 smallRiffs and Intros 2
blue folder small 10 aSongs popular in Ireland 2 - play along as you learn
blue-folder-small-11Various Lessons
Songs popular in Ireland 3 - play along as you learn
Irish tunes/melodies 2 - flat-picking
Irish tunes/melodies 3 - flat-picking
Songs popular in Ireland 4 - play along as you learn