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My name is Tadhg Foran. I am a recently retired primary school teacher from County Wexford, Ireland, and have devoted recent months to setting up this website. The rationale behind the idea was that I would love to have had access to a similar, affordable, accessible resource when I was learning the guitar myself years ago. The lessons work out at €2.20 per week which I believe is very good value.


Music has been one of my major hobbies for as long as I can remember. I have been playing guitar for 40 years and love the versatility, the sound and the possibilities of the instrument. I have taught guitar to groups and individuals over the years, and I appreciate the importance of a structured approach to lesson content development.


By following this course step by step you will learn the fundamentals and be well-prepared to take your playing to a level which will surprise you. The internet is a fantastic resource, and I would love to have had access to it in earlier years. But learning from the internet can be overwhelming and frustrating – a lot of the time there is an assumption that you have the knowledge and dexterity required to tackle some complex pieces, and unless you follow a course of lessons it can be a haphazard learning experience.


This series of lessons begins with playing some single note tunes to build strength and dexterity in the fingers – the difficulty level is gradually increased. You won’t be overwhelmed with chord shapes too early. There is a lot of variety throughout the course to maintain interest, with skills and techniques re-visited and developed at regular intervals. The course will take you through Beginner Level  through to Intermediate Level and equip you with the skills to take your  playing to where your level of ambition leads you.


You won’t need to learn formal music theory – we will need to deal with some theory and this will be introduced gradually. We will use other common and easy to understand notation methods  – tablature and chord boxes. There will be an emphasis on ear training which will help you to pick up tunes more easily. Instructional videos and audio practice files are integral elements of the course.


Please take note!  If you want to make progress you must commit to practice. Your finger-tips will hurt for a while, but if you continue to work through this phase you are well on your way. No pain no gain! It will be well worth it!


New lessons will be added regularly, with lessons on popular intros, tunes and cool riffs provided as well as regular lessons. Check the blog page for updates.


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After that, what can I say except – Get Cracking!